How To Fly An Apache Heli

You can learn how to fly an Apache helicopter. The Apache helicopter is a military attack helicopter that has chain guns and rockets attached to it to fight the enemy. So, in order to fly an Apache helicopter, you will need to have the proper training and skills. You can not just go out and fly an Apache helicopter without government approval. Keep in mind that flying an Apache helicopter can be extremely dangerous because you can crash or get shot down. In 1999, an Apache helicopter cost $11.3 million dollars so you have to be qualified to fly this machine.

Things you'll need:

  •  Pilot's License
  • FAA Approval to fly
  • US Military Approval to fly
  • Health Physical Assessment
  1. Read and study as much information as you can. Contact Apache helicopter pilots and ask them how they learned how to fly an Apache helicopter. Write down all the information you receive from the pilots and use this information to help you learn how to fly an Apache helicopter.
  2. Get the proper schooling. Graduate from high school and college. Complete nine weeks of basic combat training in the US Army and enroll into warrant officer candidate school to complete the six weeks training. Make sure you specialize in flying Apache helicopters while in warrant officer candidate school.
  3. Enroll into the flight training program at Fort Rucker, Alabama. Learn how to draw and read flight maps. Understand basic flight physics, safety procedures and flight systems. Use these skills to help you learn how to fly an Apache helicopter. Pay attention to your instructors because they will train you and show you exactly how to fly an Apache helicopter.
  4. Prepare to take flying lessons. Take lessons in a US Army helicopter simulator for at least eight hours to help you get better training before you start flying the Apache helicopter. The simulator will teach you preflight instructions and maneuvering techniques before flying the Apache helicopter. Log between 80 and 160 hours of flight time flying Apache helicopters and you have now learned how to fly an Apache helicopter.
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