How To Fly Cessna 172

So, you are interested in learning how to fly a Cessna 172? There are many reasons for wanting to learn how to fly a Cessna 172 plane. Some individuals fly the Cessna 172 because they want to get from one place to another place very quickly. Then there are persons who hate waiting in lines at the airport and going through a security check. Though the reasons are many, you can always learn how to fly a Cessna 172 just for the fun of it.

 Things you’ll need:

  • Pilots License or Certificate
  • FAA Application & Approval
  • Flight Training
  1. Make sure you get a pilot's license or a pilot certificate before you try to fly a Cessna 172. Obtain your license or certificate from a certified Cessna 172 training school in your area that is regulated by the FAA. Call (316) 517-3530 to find a Cessna 172 FAA certified training school in your area.
  2. Complete all the requirements by the FFA and the flight training school to help you learn how to fly a Cessna 172. Receive all the proper documentation from the FAA and the training school along with your pilot’s license or certificate. Always make sure that you do a preflight visual inspection before taking off in a Cessna 172 or any other plane.
  3. Carry a Cessna 172 preflight check list with you on your trip to help you fly a Cessna 172. Immediately after take-off, your flaps should be 65 up or 60 down. Fly at an air speed of 65 KIAS. Find a place to land, and you have just learned how to fly a Cessna 172. Make sure that you utilized all the information that you were taught in flight school and from your flight instructors to help you become a better pilot.
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