How To Fly A Fighter Jet

Wanna learn how to fly a fighter jet?  Look no further, there are different ways to get in the sky. If you wish to fly a fighter jet, you will need to either have a lot of money or be willing to train. Training to fly a fighter plan is not an easy task and requires years of dedication.

  1. Obtain your private pilots license. Before you can fly a fighter jet, you will first need to learn in a smaller plane.  A private pilots license (PPL) will allow you to fly basic propeller aircraft. If you learn to fly prior to joining the military, you will be slightly ahead of the game.
  2. Obtain your instrument ratings. A PPL only allows you to fly in clear weather. Low visibility will keep you grounded. 
  3. Apply for a position as an Officer in the military. If you wish to fly a $30 million dollar jet, the military will be able to train you further. In most cases, you will be required to have a bachelors degree as well (not necessarily related to aviation).
  4. Apply for flight school. Joining the military alone does not guarantee that you will be able to fly their expensive fighter jets. You will need to take several tests during your military career.  Based on your test scores, you will be able to choose Aviation as a possible career path. At this point, you should expect more training (ground school along with actual flying lessons).
  5. Train for the desired aircraft. During the course of flight school, you will be funneled down several different possible paths. The type of plane you will fly is dependent on your choice, along with the direct needs of the military. 

If you don’t mind being a co-pilot in a fighter jet, there are a few options available. Military will often grant back seat flights to journalists. If you are currently a journalist, speak to your managing editor. With the appropriate credentials and having the right story, you will be able to fly a fighter jet as the copilot.

Flying a fighter jet can also be a possibility through 3rdparty companies.  Flight companies exist which will allow you to fly in Russian MIG jets.  Paying for this privilege will set you back $15,000 USD for a 25 minute flight.  This does not include any associated travel expenses of getting to Russia to fly the jet. 

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