How To Fly A Plane In Google Earth

If you learn how to fly a plane in Google Earth you will love it. You can travel and see parts of the world that you may never see in real life. It is fun and seems so real that you would think you are really flying.  This guide will show you the basics of how to fly a plane in Google Earth.

  1. Download Google Earth. Google Earth is an application that has to be installed on your computer. If you don’t have it you can go to Google and download it.
  2. Once you have it downloaded, open it. When it opens up press Ctrl+Alt+A and select your plane. You will have a choice between a Cessna plane and a F16 fighter plane. Pick the plane you want and the next thing you know you’re in the air.
  3. To navigate your plane use the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can go up and down and right and left. You press the down arrow to lift up or take off.
  4. Airports. You have choices to fly from different airports. These airports will give you different views.
  5. Change your surroundings. You can add rain, snow, etc. or change the terrain if you like.
  6. Find locations. You can search for locations by typing the location in the search box. Once you type in the location you will fly there. You can also go online and search for directions by latitude and longitude.
  7. Controllers.  If you have the latest version of Google Earth (4.0.2091), you can enable the controller.  You do this by clicking Options – Navigation panel. Next you need to calibrate the controller by turning on G-Force mode. You do this by hitting Ctrl-G.  If you are in G-Force mode you will see an airplane icon as your mouse pointer.  Hit Ctrl-T to return to normal mouse interaction.
  8. With the controller you can use the yoke to fly like a plane.  There are buttons on the controller that will control speed.  You can also do a pitch and roll with the controller yoke.

So that’s how you fly a plane in Google Earth. There are many, many options and the things you can do are endless.  Have fun flying your plane in Google Earth!

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