How To Fold Dinner Napkins

Impress your friends and dinner guests by learning how to fold dinner napkins. Dinner napkins turn plain tables in to a classy setting. No need to buy napkin rings when you make a great design out of just a napkin. Astonish the ladies with your newfound knowledge.

The cone-shaped dinner napkin design is a minimal but timeless design. Pair it with linen or cotton dinner napkins. Have starch handy to make the folding easier on you. A firm napkin is a better folding napkin.

What you to fold dinner napkins:

  • Napkin for each guest
  • Starch
  • Iron
  • Flower or other accent
  • Flat surface


  1. Iron the dinner napkin. Use the starch to get it as firm but flexible. Keep the iron available. You will us it needed later.
  2. Lay napkin on flat surface. Fold it in half, horizontally, with the open end pointing away for you.
  3. Fold the napkin left side vertically to make a square. Make sure the corners are meeting as close as possible. 
  4. Turn the napkin facing the open corner away from you. It will look like a diamond. Fold the first top layer forward, joining it’s corner with the bottom layer. Iron the bend to lay it flat.
  5. Flip the napkin over. Fold the left corner half and inch past the middle.  Press the left crease.
  6. Fold the right side over the left side of the napkin. The right side corner meets the left crease.
  7. Insert the right corner into the left side’s flap. Press the back, making sure to press the right side bend.
  8. Flip the dinner napkin over. It is a nice, flat cone. Place a flower or any accessories over to complete the look.     
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