How to Fold A Dollar Into a Bow Tie

Learning how to fold a dollar into a bow tie is fun and entertaining, and a good way to while away the time. This trick can be performed to impress people or just for a few laughs. Though folding a dollar into a bow tie is rather challenging for a novice to learn, in a few tries you should be able to master it and make your own collection of bow ties.

To fold a dollar into a bow tie, you will need:

  • A dollar bill
  • Patience
  1. To start, place the dollar in front of you, face up. Fold it in half along the shorter end, so that half the face of the president should be on the left. Crease it so that it doesn't unfold. Now fold it again, lengthwise, so that it is folded into a quarter. Unfold the last fold you made.
  2. Now you will need to form the arrow. Rotate the dollar so that the right edge is on the bottom while the left edge is on the top. Take the top right corner and fold it to the bottom right corner. Now hold the top right, bottom right and bottom left corners with your left hand; the top left corner should be on the right. Fold the top that is sticking out and it will form a small triangle. Keep the triangle on the inside of the dollar, and fold the dollar back to the front. Now the dollar bill will have an angle on its left.
  3. Repeat this process, this time folding the bottom right corner to the top right corner. You will be left with an arrow shape, with a sharp point on the nose of the picture of the president.
  4. You will now need to place the bill in front of you, with the point facing up. The top left and bottom left corners should be on the bottom. Fold the left edge to the bottom corners of the triangle of the arrow. Repeat on the other side with the right edge. This will result in a small rectangle that only shows on the back side of the dollar bill.
  5. Now, hold the dollar bill so that the folded edges are on top while the right and left edges are on the bottom. Now fold the upper right corner to the crease in the middle. Repeat using the upper left corner. Turn the bill over and repeat this process for the upper right and left corners of that side. This will result in a triangle.
  6. Hold the point firmly with your left hand. With your right hand, push two fingers into the open hollows on either side of the portrait cheeks. Push your fingers apart and the bill will begin to take the shape of a bow tie. Now hold the bill by the right and left edges and gently pull them apart. Straighten your bow tie if needed.
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