How To Fold A Hankerchief

If you are looking to spruce up your outfit, learn how to fold a handkerchief. It is important that when you fold your handkerchief is stays nice and neat for the duration of its wear. You can fold a handkerchief multiple ways to create a variety of different looks. You can fold a handkerchief into a puffed, square-ended, triangular and multi-pointed fold, and all of these styles are universal.

To fold a handkerchief, you will need:

  • a handkerchief
  1. Create a puffed fold.  A puffed fold is created by laying the handkerchief flat, and then picking up the handkerchief from the center. You simply just let it droop like a flower, and then fold the point to the tips of the open end of the handkerchief. Place it inside your pocket with the puffed end facing out.
  2. Create a square-ended fold. To make a square-ended fold, first fold the handkerchief in half. Next, fold each side into thirds, and fold that in half. Now, place it inside your pocket.
  3. Create a triangular fold.  To begin a triangular fold, lie the handkerchief flat and then fold a corner and fold it just past the center, and then fold the opposite corner in over it just past the center as well. Fold the bottom side of the handkerchief up, and place it inside your pocket making sure the triangle is pointing upward.
  4. Create a multi-pointed fold. For a multi-pointed fold, create a triangle by folding the handkerchief in half from point to point. Take a point along the long edge and fold it toward the other two points. Take the remaining point of the handkerchiefs long edge and fold it over the three other points. Make sure to always keep one end flat. To get the six pointed end, fold it again from both directions. Fold it once more in half and place the handkerchief in your pocket, making sure the six-pointed end is facing outward.
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