How To Fold A Kids Pop Up Tent

How To Fold A Kids Pop Up Tent is one of the easiest things when it comes to a camping trip. This method is quick and efficient but must be followed step by step for less confusion. If the tent is not correctly put up then it's going to make the folding up more complicated than it needs to be. Kids pop up tents are much smaller than the average tent but the directions remain the same. The following will increase your knowledge on how to appropriately fold a kids pop up tent.

  1. Use the extra L-shaped tent peg that was purposely left out when putting the Pop up tent together originally. Use this L-shaped peg to hook to the pegs that are placed inside of the ground for stability. When lifting each peg with the L-shaped peg, apply upward pressure to the pegs. Do not bend. 
  2. Remove any buckled straps or rain fly from the tent, retaining straps along with the tent pegs. On a kids pop up tent, there are more straps located at the top of the tent, only because it's smaller and more compact. Loose straps will prevent the fold up from being successful if one of the straps so happen to get caught up that needs to be folded.
  3. Use two people if possible, this allows the tent folding labor to decrease in half. You and another person can move the tent to a more defined, spacious area for more space. Dry off the tent from any moisture that may have fallen on it from the previous night. Leave the tent door unzipped so the front of the tent is easiest to verify.
  4. Overcome the tendency of the hoops to remain unfolded. The hoop formed tendent must be grabbed on both sides by you and your partner so that it can be folded upward toward the "U" shaped hoop. While folding the hoop tendent upward, hold the roof of the tent into place while this step is being completed.
  5. There is a total of three hoops that need to be folded. Once the three hoop tendents have been successfully folded, slide one side underneath the other. The tent should be all the way flattened on each side. Take the restraining strap and wrap it around the tent to keep the tent from popping back up, and so you can slide it in a small protected space.
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