How To Fold A Leather Jacket

There is a proper way to knowing how to fold a leather jacket. If done improperly, you will end up with unwanted wrinkles and creases where you put the fold in a leather jacket. Most people don't know how to fold a leather jacket and it just ends up in a kind of wadded mess. Sound familiar?

What you need to fold a leather jacket:

  • Flat surface
  • Your hands
  1. First step to fold a leather jacket: Before you begin to fold a leather jacket, you need to have a flat surface as large as the leather jacket. A flat surface will prevent any wrinkles in the leather while you are folding it. A table or a hard surface floor are good suggestions.
  2. Lay the leather jacket on the flat surface front side up. Before you can fold a leather jacket, you have to put it together. This means that you need to connect or secure the notions. Zip it up, button it up or snap it up. If you have a collar on the leather jacket, only go to the base of the neckline so that the collar can be folded down flat.
  3. Start with the sleeves to fold a leather jacket. Again, if there are zippers, buttons or snaps on the sleeves, make sure to secure them first. You are going to fold the sleeve in at the seamline where the shoulder to armpit meets the jacket. Place one hand on the seam and the other at the wrist of your sleeve. Your hand placement will help you get a flat fold. Pull the sleeve up and over. The wrist of the sleeve should meet the starting seam on the other sleeve. After you have folded the sleeves of the leather jacket, it should look like you have folded your arms across your chest.
  4. The last step to fold a leather jacket is easy. You are going to lift the jacket off the flat surface using both of your arms. Slide your arms under the top half of the leather jacket until your hands meet. Carefully lift the jacket straight up so that the bottom half of the leather jacket is hanging and the arm folds have not been disturbed. As you set the jacket back down you are going to be folding the bottom half underneath the top half. By doing it this way, the notions on the jacket will not touch any other part of the leather jacket. Since most notions on a leather jacket are metal, they can leave an imprint or a mark in the leather.
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