How To Fold Paper Napkins At A Picnic

Learning how to fold paper napkins at a picnic is simple, you don't need to make it more than it is. Picnics have a relaxed atmosphere, there is no need to impress with snobbish swan napkin decorations. Use one or two of these tips on how to fold paper napkins for your picnic guests, then get the party started!

  1. Rectangle Fold Fold paper napkins in half and place with the creased side out on the right side of the plate. Place utensils on top.  
  2. Triangle Fold Fold paper napkins diagonally in half, making a cute triangle shape. Place with the creased side out next to the right side of the plate, utensils on top.
  3. Envelope Fold Fold two corners from the same side in towards the middle, then fold the napkin in half so the folded sides flap over the side laying flat. You will have a rectangular shape that looks like an envelope. Place with the triangle pointing in toward the plate, on the right, or at the top of the plate with the triangle fold facing down.  
  4. Modified Triangle Fold paper napkins diagonally in half making a triangle, fold in half again, making a smaller triangle. Stand up on edges, making an arrow with the single point in towards you. Place in the middle of the plate.
  5. Necktie Fold When complete, this looks like the bottom of a necktie. Fold paper napkins diagonally in half. Hold in front of you with the longest side towards you, take both right and left ends and fold toward the middle. Crease all sides. Place one of the folds inside the other making a little pocket. The bottom and top will be open, and the point should face away from you. Slide utensils inside having the base of the fork/spoon resting right side up on the napkin. Place on the side or on top of the plate.
  6. Utensil Roll Place utensils on the top of the napkin with a corner of the square napkin facing you. Starting at corner, roll utensils inside, ending with folded side down. Place the napkin roll on the side or in the middle of the plate. If you wish, further embellish with ribbon or raffia tied around the middle in a bow.  

Try not to get too crazy when you fold paper napkins at a picnic. Chances are most people won't notice it anyway, and when at a picnic, the food is the main attraction.

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