How To Fold Socks

One laundry task that few people think about unless they are first learning to wash clothes on their own is how to fold socks. It is best to save the socks for last so you don't get mixed up by one of the socks getting stuck inside a shirt or pair of pants. It becomes easy to do once you have learned the steps to follow. After that, sock folding becomes the part that you can do with your eyes closed–no thought process required.

The only things you need to fold socks are:

  • clean socks
  • your two hands

Follow these steps to get all of the socks folded.

  1. Sort all of the socks. Put them into groups based on color and length. If you are doing laundry for more than just yourself, sort the socks based on whose they are as well.
  2. Match the socks into pairs. Work with one group at a time. Fold all the socks in one group before you go on to another group. Pick up one pair of socks out of the group you are working on.
  3. Hold the socks at the top. Hold them together at the top opening with toes hanging down. Keep both toes pointing in the same direction.
  4. Stick both of your thumbs inside the opening of one of the socks you are holding. Your thumbs are going to hold the sock open for you to fold up the sock pair.
  5. Push the rest of that pair of socks up between your thumbs. You are pushing the material of both socks inside of the one sock. Make sure you have moved your thumbs to the outside, holding the sides of the sock open. Continue pushing the socks inside until the edge of the outside sock is even with the toes of both socks.
  6. Lay that pair of socks to the side. Make a stack of the folded socks until you finish folding all of the socks. When you finish a group of socks, move on to the next group.
  7. Stack together the finished groups of folded socks. Put the color and length groups back into one single stack. Only make separate stacks for different sock owners. Have one stack for your socks, the different colors and lengths together. Then have a separate stack for each other person, putting the colors and lengths together for each individual.
  8. Repeat steps three to seven. Continue this way until you have folded all of the sock pairs. Any mismatched socks you have left can be kept in the laundry basket to retrieve when matches get found. All of the folded pairs of socks are ready to be put up in the dresser.
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