How To Fold A Sport Coat For Mailing

The time might come when you need to know how to fold a sport coat for mailing. You will want to make sure the jacket is not damaged in transit by using a mailing container that holds the jacket securely without crushing it. Deep folds in the jacket fabric might not come out when the jacket is unpacked if it is not folded properly before mailing. You can protect the jacket by providing a thin protective layer between the layers of folded fabric as well as between the jacket and the mailing envelope or box.

The things you need to fold a sport coat:

  • Clothing size mailing box or large mailing envelope
  • Acid-free white tissue paper

The steps to follow to fold a sport coat:

  1. Place the sport coat face up on a flat surface, such as a table. The coat's back should be against the flat surface.
  2. Open the front of the coat and place a piece of tissue paper inside the coat. Also, place folded tissue paper in each arm of the sport coat. 
  3. Button up the front of the sport coat. Smooth out any wrinkles you see using the palm of your hand.
  4. Place the mailing container on top of the sport coat and visually examine the size of the container. You will need to fold the coat about one inch smaller than the container.
  5. Remove the container and fold the side of the sport coat up and over so part of the coat's side and sleeve is laying on top of the body area of the coat. Fold the end of the sleeve back onto itself and then fold the other side the same way. Keep everything smooth, flat, and wrinkle free.
  6. Place the container back on top of the coat. Make sure the sides are folded small enough to fit in the container. Refold if necessary. Visually examine the coat and container to see where the top and bottom of the coat need to fold in order to fit into the container. If it is possible to fit the coat in the container neatly, fold the sport coat only once, in the middle.
  7. Wrap a final layer of tissue paper around the coat before placing it in the mailer. This will help it slide in with greater ease and will help keep the coat clean.
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