How To Fold A Sport Coat For Travel

Learning how to fold a sport coat for travel is not too hard. To avoid damaging the coat by putting creases or permanent wrinkles in it, however, there is a certain way the the jacket must be packed in the suitcase. If you fold it correctly, though, it will not sustain any damage from being folded it. Following is some easy to follow advice on how to fold a sport coat for travel.

How to Fold a Sport Coat for Travel

  1. First, take the suite, and lay it face (open side) down on a bed. Undo the collar, so that it stands up as the coat lies flat.
  2. Fold the sleeves in. You want the front of the cuffs to align with the seams at the shoulders of the sport coat. Now, your coat should be lying face down, with a popped up collar, and the sleeves folded up to the shoulders.
  3. Fold the coat in over itself by pulling the sides in so that they meet at the center of the back of the coat. This will simply put a gentle bend in the coat that will not damage it. Now, the two sides, with sleeves folded up to the shoulders should be laying on top of the back of the jacket, and their edges should be meeting at its center.
  4. Then, fold the coat in half by taking the bottom side, and pulling it up to the top. The coat should now have a collar up, sleeves folded in, sides folded in, and then, finally, the bottom folded up over the back of the coat to the top. It is now small and tight, and ready to be packed.

Learning how to fold a sport coat for travel is not very difficult. Simply fold in the sleeves, and then the sides, and then finally, fold it in half after turning up the collar, and it will not acquire any unwanted creases or wrinkles, and it may be packed up in a suitcase for travel.

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