How To Fold Towel Animals

Face it; towel animals are cute, and you just might need to know how to fold towel animals one day just in case you must entertain lots of children immediately. Folding towel animals isn’t hard, and once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be doing it for fun and in your spare time!

To fold towel animals, you will need:

  • A few bath towels
  • A few hand towels


The Swan

  1. The swan is what you should start off with because of its level of difficulty is low. Lay a bath towel horizontally and flat in front of you. Once you’ve laid it out, proceed by folding the top left and right corners down to the center, making a triangle.
  2. Next, roll the left and right sides of the triangle firmly inward until you cannot roll them anymore. You should have the shape of a narrow triangle, but with two rolled edges.
  3. Next, form your scroll shape into a “Z” so that the two bottom flaps sit on the floor and the rest of the swan curves upward and outward.
  4. Lastly, squeeze your corners to define the curves, and your towel swan will be completed.


The Elephant

  1. Next, you can try the elephant for a bit of difficulty. You will begin by laying one of your bath towels vertically flat on the floor. Make sure that it’s not too terribly wrinkled, or you may need to iron it or find another. Once you’ve laid the towel out, fold the vertical ends inward by about six inches.
  2. Next, fold them inward again the same way for another six inches. Once you’ve folded your towel, roll the left and right sides inward to create a “scroll” look. Next, fold the “scroll” in half and stand it up on the four rolls. You will notice that they look like legs.
  3. Once you’ve made the legs, set them aside and grab your hand towel. Lay it out flat and horizontally in front of you. Make sure to set a chair’s leg on the top side of the towel at the center. It should be at the very edge of the towel.
  4. Next, roll both of the top and left corners down to the center so that your towel comes to a very narrow point. Flip your roll over so that the flat underside is face up.
  5. Next, roll the pointed end of your roll upward tightly and squeeze to form the trunk. Now it’s time to create the ears, and you’ll do this by grasping the flat area of the towel. It’s located between the two towel points on the face down side. You’ll want to roll it out from the center.
  6. Lastly, tuck in a bit of the sides of the face to define the face more. Place your head on top of your legs, and you’ll have made a towel elephant.
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