How To Fold Towels Like Hotels

Learning how to fold towels like hotels do will do more than just keep your bathroom looking tidy and inviting. It’s also a way to instantly clean up your cupboard, too. Hotels fold towels in a way that makes them both convenient and efficient for storage and distribution. This quick and easy technique will work just as well in your home. Plus, when you learn to fold towels like hotels do, you’ll never have to worry about handing over a crinkled, crumpled towel to that overnight guest you’re trying to impress!

To fold your towels like hotels do, you’ll need:

  • A rectangular towel of any size
  • Hands
  1. To fold your towels like hotels do, place the towel on a large, flat surface. The side with the label should be facing upward. Position yourself to look at the towel lengthwise, so the longest sides are top and bottom.
  2. The next step to fold your towels like hotels do is to take the edges closest to you in both hands and fold this section away from you into a third. To form an even third, place a cutting board evenly in the center of the towel. Then fold your towel over the cutting board.
  3. Repeat this motion with the edges farthest from you, overlapping your original fold. If you’re using a cutting board, simply fold the other side of the towel over the board and your original fold, and then gently slip the cutting board out through one of the open ends. The towel should be folded evenly in thirds, the tag should be hidden, and the edges should be smooth.
  4. Continue folding this long, slender towel in half lengthwise, lining up the short ends evenly. Then, fold the strip in half again.
  5. Once you’re finished, place your towels on a towel rack or bathroom counter with the edge-side facing backward.  
  6. You can apply your new towel folding skills to any size towel, from hand towel to bath sheet. When you’re finished, simply stack the towels with the largest ones on the bottom for a neat, stylish look in your bathroom.


Martha Stewart

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