How To Fold A Wallet

Need to learn how to fold a wallet? If you want to quickly form the creases in your wallet that will make your wallet stay put when you go to fold it, there's a few ways to do it. A good wallet crease is essential to keeping your money and personal items safe and securely tucked away in your wallet. Don't worry, you wont have to deal with that new wallet stiffness for too much longer.

  1. Find something kind of heavy in your home. Then fold your wallet into the two or three sections you want it to crease in. Find a heavy book (thicker ones of course), a heavy mug, rock etc., and lay your wallet in the desired fold. then place one or two of the heavier items on top of it.
  2. Leave overnight. You are probably going to have to leave the wallet pressed like this overnight to get the desired crease and fold to stay put. For heavier fabric, folding one side at a time might be a better way to make sure you get a really defined, precise fold or crease. It's personal preference though.
  3. If that doesn't work, try using fabric clips. Another way to get good, crisp fold lines in a wallet is to get sturdy clip objects. The clip may still need to say attached to the wallet overnight, but it will make for a more distinct fold.

Those are two great ways to get a wallet into a two or three fold. The clips are really only more helpful for heavier fabrics like leather or canvas.

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