How To Follow Craps Casino Etiquette

You hear the roar of the crowd as soon as you walk into a casino and you want nothing more than to walk up to the craps table and join in on the action, but before you go slinging dice, you need to know how to follow craps casino etiquette. The craps table can be very confusing at first. Even if you know how to play the game, if you don’t understand craps etiquette, you could draw the ire of your fellow players. Craps players are very superstitious and if you constantly stick your hands in the throwing lane and complain about payouts every throw, you will quickly find yourself the recipient of icy stares and escalating belligerence.

  1. Wait for the dealer’s OK before buying in. The dealer knows that when you walk up with a bunch of cash in your hand, you want to buy in. When the dice are in the center of the table and the dealer had paid out the winners on the previous throw, he will then motion to you for your money and give you chips.
  2. Place bets only when the dice are in the middle of the table. When the shooter has the dice, it is not the time to go sticking your hands into the playing area. Craps players are very superstitious about the dice and they will blame YOU if the dice hit your hand and a seven comes up next.
  3. Don’t lean over the table to bet. The craps table is big and the dealers are there to help you. If you need to make a bet on a part of the table that isn’t close to you, just put your chips in front of you and announce your bet to the dealer.
  4. Tip the dealers from time to time. If you're winning, you should be tipping the dealers. They don’t make much of a wage and rely on tips for a decent paycheck. Simply place a bet next to one of yours and announce that it is for the dealers.
  5. Don’t play the don’t pass line. Well, you can, but just don’t celebrate if you win. The don’t pass line is where you can bet against the shooter, and all of the other players. Most craps players consider it to be bad form to bet against a shooter.
  6. For the love of god, don’t say “seven.” There is no more obvious way to get a seven to be rolled than to say that word. Dealers can say “seven,” players can’t.


Craps table ettiquette

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