How To Fondle Your Girlfriend

Figuring out how to fondle your girlfriend to get her as aroused as possible can make the overall sexual experience more pleasurable for you both. Your girlfriend’s breasts are sensitive sexual organs that can be used to get her aroused and ready for more.

  1. Start with your hands. Squeeze your girlfriend’s breasts lightly at first, fondling with soft, circular motions. When she gets a little more into it, squeeze a bit harder and cup them in your palms.
  2. Get your lips and tongue involved. Once she gives the all clear, take off that shirt and bra that’s getting in the way of the really fun spot: the nipples. Your girlfriend’s nipples are a very sensitive area that respond to touch. Suck them gently and lick all around her nipples to get her even more turned on.
  3. Keep moving. Even when you move onto other business, such as oral sex or intercourse, keep her breasts in the action. Continue to fondle and appreciate them periodically to keep her level of arousal peaked.
  4. Vary the movement. Don’t just keep fondling in the same direction and manner. Switch up the movement to give her ultimate pleasure. Start with soft, circular motions and as she gets more aroused, squeeze her breasts harder and pay more attention to her nipples.
  5. Pay close attention to her reactions. Some women enjoy having their breasts fondled very softly, while others like it hard and rough. Paying attention to her verbal and nonverbal cues will help you fondle your girlfriend just how she likes it.

Don’t forget to show your girlfriend how much you’re enjoying fondling her. Look at her sensually and let out little pleasure moans as you fondle her breasts with your hands, lips and tongue. Just knowing that you’re enjoying yourself will get her even more aroused.

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