How To Fool Around With My Girlfriend

Want to know how to fool around with your girlfriend? You want to know because you are a horny bastard and want to get into her pants, right? Pleasing your girl pleases you in the end. After all, if she's happy, she's more likely to want to make you happy. Fooling around with your girlfriend is important to keeping you both very, very happy.

  1. Kiss her. Kiss her slowly and sensuously. Don't pull a Jim Carrey in "Dumb & Dumber" and try to suck her face off. That's just wrong. Have some finesse. Kiss her gently, closed mouth, and slowly work your way up to teasing her lips with your tongue. She'll open up and then you can move onto tongue dueling.
  2. Stroke her. Women loved to be touched and caressed. If your hands have calluses, lightly stroke her. You don't want your rough hands leaving scratches all over her. Start with her hair. Stroke her hair and run your fingers through it, if possible. Tickle her neck, especially in that sensitive part behind her ear and move down to her back. By the time you're deep into kissing, you should be stroking her back. If she tries to jump the gun and get you to touch her girls or nether region, don't. Keep up the suspense.
  3. Make your lips follow your hands. You've gotten your fill of tongue-fu and she's begging for more. You're on the right track, so don't veer off. Tear your lips away from hers and start kissing her wherever your hands have been: kiss her face, nibble (don't bite unless she likes it rough) her neck, lick her earlobes. But don't, whatever you do, stick your tongue in her ear. Keep kissing her and nibbling her, licking her body, squeezing and massaging her body. By this time, you and your woman should be getting pretty hot from fooling around.
  4. Be aware of your woman's responses. If she likes something in particular, keep doing it. Whisper in her ear in a sexy way: "Let me know if you want me stop or keep going." This will win you points for being assertive enough to understand she might not like something and that you're open to doing what she likes.
  5. Give her the reigns. By now, if you've done a good job of stroking, licking, nibbling and kissing, she should be panting with desire. Hand over the reigns and tell her to do whatever she wants. The trick to fooling around is to be assertive but cool. If she decides to get kinky, roll with it. Many a blow job has started because the woman was given the chance to do whatever she wanted.

If your goal is to end up doing the nasty with your woman, ensure her pleasure. The only way to do that is to be successful at fooling around. If you do it right, you'll have her writhing with desire and that's exactly what you want.

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