How Foreign Medicine Graduates Can Become A Doctor In The USA

Want to know how foreign medicine graduates can become a doctor in the United States? If you graduated from a medical school outside the United States, you might still be able to practice medicine in the States. Requirements for residency programs will vary depending on where you want to practice medicine, where you went to medical school and what specialty you want to pursue.

To practice medicine in the States you will need:

  • Pass the USMLE
  • Pass TOEFL or demonstrate proficiency of English
  • Completion of medical school
  1. Pass the USMLE. The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) assess your readiness to practice medicine in the United States in a hospital or health care system. The test covers your knowledge of scientific concepts, diseases and applications of different therapies. You can go to USMLE's official website to schedule a test date. The website also has practice examinations and content review.
  2. Meet the education requirements for foreign medical school graduates. The Education Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates will evaluate your credits and determine if they meet the standards for practice in the United States. Applicants need to have credentials similar to medical schools found in the United States. Your curriculum will need to be the equivalent of at least four years. If you are uncertain if your medical school credits make you eligible for credentials in the United States, you can search the Education Commission's website to see if your school is listed.
  3. Meet the English requirements to practice medicine. The Education Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates also has an English proficiency requirement. You will need to take a TOEFL or demonstrate proficiency in another acceptable way. The TOEFL is given by the Educational Testing Service and offered in many universities.



United States Medical Licensing Examination

Medical Education Credentials

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