How To Forget Someone You Love

Learning how to forget someone you love does not happen over night. Forgetting them will only happen after you have taken time to let go of what they were to you, to get over them and to move on. Moving on, however, is the key to forgetting someone you love. When a relationship ends it can be a difficult time. Follow these steps to make the end of any relationship a little bit easier.

  1. Take time to mourn. The end of a relationship can sometimes feel like a death in the family. Losing someone you love, even just through a break-up, is a very emotional experience. Just as you do not forget our family and friends that have passed on, it can seem hard to forget those you love when they have moved on to a new life without you. Set a distinct amount of time for your mourning period, whether it's only a week, or even a few months, and stick to it.
  2. Learn to let go. Make sure that your ex has taken all of her stuff with her. Anything left behind will just bring you back to that loneliness and depression of losing them. Either get rid of, or put away, any items that remind you of them including pictures and gifts.
  3. Talk about it. Do not keep all of your feelings bottled up inside. Forgetting about someone you love can only happen if you get your feelings out. Whether you are angry, relieved or just sad, talk about it with family and friends. Once you have expelled the thoughts and feelings it will be easier to let go.
  4. Get out there. Join the social scene again. Forget your love by filling your time up with things that make you forget about the relationship. Have fun. Remember what it was like to be single. Flirt. Have your friends take you to the clubs you missed out on because you were busy in your relationship duties.
  5. Get a little help from your friends. Again, friends are the perfect distraction to help you forget about the person you loved that has now left you alone. Your friends may even set you up when you are ready, which leads to the last step.
  6. Go on a date. Or many dates. Meeting someone new will definitely help you forget someone you love. Hey, if they still loved you they would not have left. Find someone new who wants to be with you now!
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