How To Forgive Your Girlfriend For Cheating

It probably seems as though you will never learn how to forgive your girlfriend for cheating on you. Discovering that she is cheating can be very devastating. At the time, it may seem impossible to forgive her. However, if you want your relationship to last, you must put the occurrence behind you and move forward.

  1. Get all questions answered. If you plan to make things work you should not leave anything for your imagination. Ask any and all questions that come to your mind. You do not want to be left wondering about something months or even years later if you truly want to forgive your girlfriend
  2. Evaluate yourself. Although she made the decision to cheat on you, some of the responsibility may lie in your hands. Examine your relationship and think about the incidents that may have lead to her deceit. What could you have done differently to keep her eyes more focused on you?
  3. Do not try to get even. It may be tempting to go out and cheat so your girlfriend knows how you feel. However, this will only escalate and complicate the situation. Remember that you want to be an example of how you want her to treat you. To forgive your girlfriend for cheating on you, carry out the same mannerism you would ask of her if you were in her place.
  4. Remember that she is human. Thinking about yourself in a similar situation as hers may help you learn how to forgive your girlfriend for cheating. If you have been putting your girlfriend up on a pedestal, it may be especially difficult to believe that this happened. Keep in mind that temptations occur. She made a mistake and, if genuinely sorry, you can forgive her.
  5. Do not live in the past. While you may not forgive and forget, it is extremely important to refrain from continuously bringing up the subject of your girlfriend cheating. Deal with each argument or problem that arises on a fresh note. Never relate the trouble back to the infidelity. Reliving the event will only cause additional pain and hard feelings between the two of you. You cannot hold a grudge against your girlfriend.

Do not be naive. All though you forgive your girlfriend for cheating, do not ignore signs that she may be cheating again. It will take time to forgive your girlfriend. Do not expect for all of the hard feelings to go away instantly.

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