How To Format Emails In Screenwriting

Want to know how to format e-mails in screenwriting? Writing e-mail messages in a screenplay is really no different than writing paper notes and signs; they all follow the very same format. Even flashbacks and dreams follow the same screenwriting format to a certain extent. Just like other messages in screenplays, formatting e-mails relies on headers, the e-mail message itself and an indication that the message is over. Everything should remain clear and to the point much like the rest of the screenplay itself should be. The concept of formatting e-mails in screenwriting is not difficult to master at all. 

Things You'll Need:

  • A screenplay
  • Screenwriting software or word processor
  • Computer
  1. Write your scene heading like you normally would. For instance, if the scene has the character going to a Starbucks coffee shop to open an e-mail on his laptop, write your scene heading as "INT. STARBUCKS – DAY".
  2. Write your action leading up to the opening of the e-mail message. This is very self-explanatory; for instance, "Jerry enters and orders an iced coffee. He sits down near the window and sips his coffee while starting up his laptop. Jerry notices a new message in his inbox, the subject reads: Insert Subject Title Here. Jerry clicks it."
  3. Write the e-mail message in the screenplay just as you would with any other note or message in the film. This would begin with a header reading "INSERT – E-MAIL MESSAGE". You then write whatever you want the e-mail to say and end it with "BACK TO SCENE". Once that's over, you continue with whatever happens next in your scene (i.e. your character's reaction, etc.).
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