How To Format An iPod

Need to know how to format an iPod? It's not uncommon for an iPod to freeze up or for the functionality of the operating system, for one reason or another, to stop working the way that it should. Remember, you are essentially dealing with a small computer operating system. So, just as you should format your personal computer when it starts to act out of character, there are times when you will need to format your iPod and start anew. However, please remember that when you format an iPod, all of your information will be removed, so back up any valuable information somewhere else where it won't be lost so you can re-load it when you are done formatting the iPod. If you are experiencing difficulties with your iPod, check out the steps below to learn how to format it.

  1. Plug your iPod into your computer via USB port or any other preferred method. If you are using a laptop, make sure it is plugged into an outlet. Open iTunes.
  2. Make sure you are using the most recent version of iTunes. If you're not sure which version of iTunes you are currently using, open up iTunes and click "Help" on the toolbar at the top of the program. Select "Check for Updates" from the drop-down menu. Download the recommended iTunes update.
  3. Select your device. It should appear beneath "Devices" on the left-hand side of the screen. Click "Restore."
  4. Select "Use Newest Version" to format the iPod and restore it to the factory settings. Be aware that this could take more than an hour to complete. Do not unplug your iPod from your computer until your iPod is finished formatting.
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