How To Format Memory Card For Nokia 6085

When you purchase a memory card for your Nokia phone, sometimes you will need to know how to format the memory card for your Nokia 6085. A memory card provides extra storage on your cell phone to store your media such as your music, videos and pictures. Not all memory cards will allow you to format them through your cell phone so you will have to do it through your computer. Formatting a memory card for you Nokia 6085 can be done in a few easy steps.

To format a memory card for a Nokia 6085 phone you will need:

  • Memory card
  • Memory card adaptor
  1. Insert your memory card into the memory card adaptor that came with your card.
  2. Locate the computer reader on your computer and insert your memory card for your Nokia 6085 into the reader. On the back of your adaptor you will see gold prongs. Make sure those prongs are inserted into your computer's reader. This will insure your memory card adapter is inserted correctly.
  3. Click on the "Start" menu and select "My Computer" to open this application. Right click on the drive that pulls up your memory card and choose the "Format" option to begin formatting your memory card for your Nokia 6085.
  4. Confirm "Format" by selecting "OK" when prompted. Wait a few minutes while your memory card is being formatted. Once your formatting is finished you will get a message showing "Format Complete." This means your memory card for your Nokia 6085 was successfully formatted and now ready to be used.
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