How To Format Micro SD Memory Card For Nokia 6133

If you have recently purchased a Micro SD Memory Card, you may be wondering how to format Micro SD memory card for Nokia 6133. Some Micro SD memory cards come pre-formatted and others do not, it is generally a good idea to format the Micro SD memory card before using it for Nokia 6133. Formatting the Micro SD memory card will erase all information on the card permanently and make it usable for new information.

  1. Power on the Nokia 6133. Turn the Nokia 6133 on and allow it to load the home screen.
  2. Navigate to options. Press the "Menu" key on the Nokia 6133. Select "Options" and press "OK".
  3. Select the memory card folder. Highlight the memory card folder. Press "OK".
  4. Select options. Select "Options". Highlight "Format memory card".
  5. Confirm the format. When prompted, select "Yes". Wait patiently while the Nokia 6133 formats the memory card.
  6. Enter a name. When the Nokia 6133 is finished formatting the memory card it will ask you for a name. Enter a name into the Nokia 6133 for the memory card. The Nokia 6133 allows the name to be up to eleven characters and numbers.

Additional Information:

  • Formatting a memory card on the Nokia 6133 is a good way to use a Micro SD card from another device or phone on your Nokia 6133.
  • Many new cards come pre-formatted however it is always a good idea to format the Micro SD card before use in the Nokia 6133.
  • Do not turn off your Nokia 6133 during the formatting process.
  • Formatting a memory card with a lot of information may take several minutes on the Nokia 6133.



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