How To Forward A Text Message From A Nokia 5300

Text messaging allows for easy communication; learn how to forward a text message from a Nokia 5300 will make it even easier. Forwarding messages from a Nokia 5300 will allow you to share received messages with friends, without having to re-type the message. It is very simple to forward message from a Nokia 5300 and can be accomplished from the text messaging inbox.

  1. Open the menu. From the home screen of the Nokia 5300, press the "Menu" key. The principal menu of the Nokia 5300 will appear.
  2. Navigate to the inbox. Highlight "Messaging" and press "OK". Highlight "Inbox" and press "OK".
  3. Select the message. Highlight the message which you wish to forward. When the message is forwarded, the text "Fwd:" will automatically be added by the Nokia 5300, this can be removed.
  4. Enter the recipient. Highlight the "Recipient" field and press "OK". Select a contact from your address book or enter a new telephone number, press "OK".
  5. Send the message. Select "Send" and the message will send to the elected recipient. The process may take several minutes, the Nokia 5300 will display the normal send animation during this time. The sending process will take longer than usual if multiple recipients are selected.

Additional Information:

  • You can forward a message to multiple recipients at the same time using a Nokia 5300.
  • The Nokia 5300 is capable of forwarding multimedia messages as well as text messages.
  • Forwarded messages will appear in the outbox of the Nokia 5300, just like a regular sent message.
  • Messages can be forwarded from the Nokia 5300 to anyone capable of receiving text messages.
  • Forwarding a text message will cost the same as sending a text message if you do not have unlimited messages.
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