How to Foul Without Getting Caught in Basketball

If you've ever wondered how some basketball players get away with, what you think, is an obvious foul, then read on to learn about how to foul without getting caught in basketball. It is not always easy for referees to see fouls on the court, because there are a lot of things going on that they can't see. You, as a player, can take advantage of this truth and get away with fouls without ever being caught. See, what I'm talking about in this article is designed for the sneaky player.

  1. Give a cheap shot to the gut of another player. If you are challenging for a jump ball or going up for a lay up in a crowd, a good way to foul an opponent would be to give a quick sharp blow to the person's belly. It will be very hard for referees to see this, especially since their eyes, like everyone else's, will be on where the ball is located.   
  2. Step on someone's foot. You can do this by pretending to run through a screen or by running for a rebound. As long as you don't trip them up, you will get away with fouling them without getting caught by the refs.
  3. Pull your opponent's jersey. This only works in a crowd, and you have to do it from the bottom of the jersey instead of the top portion of the jersey. Pulling the bottom of the jersey, will make it a lot harder for the officials to see your hands while you are in traffic on the court. Players use this trick to slow down an offensive player that has gotten past their defense.
  4. Hook and turn offensive move. It depends on where you are on the court, but if you are in the post or running through screens, this move tends to work without being caught by referees. The move is simple. With your back turned to the defender, you spin forward as you hook your arm around the him while moving to the basket.




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