How Fragile Are LCD Television Screens?

How fragile are LCD television screens? Maybe you just went and bought yourself a beautiful LCD HDTV, and now you are wondering just how fragile your LCD screen is. Read on to find out just how fragile LCD television screens are and to learn some tips on how to take care of your LCD television screen.

  1. LCD television screens are extremely fragile, and you should take extra precautions around them. This isn't just about how you clean them; take extra precautions even when you are cleaning the room where the LCD television screen is located.
  2. Always clean LCD television screens properly. Refer to your LCD television's instruction manual for instructions on how to clean the screen. Every HDTV comes with a manual, so be sure to read it. Always use a micro-fiber cloth to clean the screen, and lightly wipe down the LCD television screen to clean it. Never spray any liquids directly onto the screen. Clean the LCD screen weekly, to keep it well-maintained.
  3. LCD television screens can easily scratch if you do not use a clean micro-fiber cloth to clean the screen. Even if the cloth is brand new and out of the package, always shake it to make sure there are no flecks of dirt or sand on it. One small grain of sand can scratch the hell out of your LCD television screen, even if very little pressure is used.
  4. Do not ever apply too much pressure to your LCD television screen. You can destroy the screen and discolor the area that you applied to much pressure to.
  5. Do not touch the LCD television screen with your hands. Even the cleanest hands have oils on them, and getting oil off of an LCD television screen is difficult.
  6. When cleaning the room your LCD television screen is in, try to cover the screen. Many air freshener sprays and other common chemicals you may be using can actually ruin the screen. Small beads of the chemicals, especially when sprayed in the air, can land on the screen, which could ruin it.
  7. If you own a video game system and have children, make sure they are careful when using your LCD television. You would not believe how many people every year end up with broken LCD screens because of careless children causing unnecessary damage while playing.
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