How To Fray Jeans

Learning to how to fray jeans is a great way to save money and be fashionable at the same time. The technique for fraying jeans is simple, and you can learn the technique in a short time. However, if you have never frayed jeans before, you should probably use an old pair of jeans rather than a new pair.  After you have perfected the technique later on, you can try the procedure on new jeans.   

Things you need to fray jeans:

  • Jeans
  • Needle
  • Nail filer
  • Scissors
  • Wire brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Measuring tape and tailors chalk
  1. Wash and iron your jeans.  Put your jeans on, and mark the area that you want to fray using a tailored chalk. Having your jeans on allows you to have a more accurate marking of the area you intend to fray.
  2. Place the jeans on a table or any flat surface.  Using a measuring tape as your guide, draw a straight line on the area you want your jeans frayed.
  3. Use a pair of scissors, and cut the hem off.  Cutting the hem off makes it easier to fray your jeans. After you have cut the hem off, take your scissors and cut at the straight line you placed earlier.
  4. Obtain your sewing needle. Take the needle and pull the strands at the edges of your jeans. Do not remove the strands completely. If you do not want to use a needle to fray your jeans, you can use other items such as a wired brush or nail filer. Rub the wired brush or nail filer on the jeans repeatedly until you have achieved the look you want.
  5. Rub sandpaper around the knees, pockets or any other areas you would like. This makes your frayed jeans look more interesting.
  6. Wash your jeans in cold water. Dry your jeans and look to see if this is the frayed effect you were hoping to achieve. If you are not pleased with the look, go ahead fray the jeans some more until you achieved the look you want.

If you like the look of your frayed jeans and you would like to jazz them up a little bit more, you can add holes or make slits on your jeans using your scissors or needle. Regardless to what you decide, your fray jeans will look great with the steps outlined.

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