How To Freestyle Skateboard

Many people do not have the money or supplies to build expensive ramps, so another option is exploring how to freestyle skateboard.  Freestyle is much more simple to get started with and also does not involve the difficulty level of building materials for skateboarding, such as halfpipes and other stuff that may be needed to skateboard.  So you may be wonder, how does one learn how to freestyle skateboard?  Let's talk about the steps necessary to get started.  It is a very simple process.

  1. First thing necessary to freestyle skateboard is to purchase a skateboard.  This can be done at a skate shop, in a magazine, or on the Internet.  There is no shortage of places to get a skateboard, with large companies such as CCS that sell skateboards online, in magazines, and in stores.
  2. After getting a skateboard, the next step is to find a nice, flat surface where a skateboard can be rode.  A curb or set of steps are very good for people that are a little more advanced and can do grinds and other tricks.
  3. After that, it is all left up to the imagination of the person riding the skateboard.  Anything in the area of the flat surface can be used as a prop.  Stuff can even be brought from home to be used with freestyle skateboarding.  There is a reason it is called freestyle skateboarding, there is a lot of freedom left to the person riding the skateboard.

For a person that is learning how to freestyle skateboard, there is an endless array of tricks that can be learned, such as kick flips, heel flips, grinds, board slides, and much more.  The only way to learn them is to get out there and start riding around on a skateboard and trying them.  Another key to remember is that safety is an important aspect of freestyle skateboarding.  Kneepads, elbow pads, as well as a helmet are recommended for anyone that decides to learn how to freestyle skateboard.  This can be a very enjoyable hobby for many people and it requires very little time and money to get started.">

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