How To Freestyle Soccer

If you like to play soccer, you should find out how to freestyle soccer so you can improve your ball control skills. You can also get in better shape by doing freestyle soccer. There are many different tricks that you can do with a soccer ball, and if you know how to put some of them together you are already doing freestyle soccer. Practice freestyle soccer with a friend so you can both become better players.

To freestyle soccer ball you will need:

  • Soccer ball
  • Soccer cleats or running shoes
  1. To do freestyle soccer when you are not on a soccer field you need some running shoes. Don’t wear soccer cleats on a road or other hard surface because you will not only wear the cleats down, you can slip and fall. Get some running shoes to wear when you do freestyle soccer away from a grass surface.
  2. Practice your juggling skills to get ready for freestyle soccer. Juggling is one of the most important aspects of freestyle, so you will have to be able to control the soccer ball when it is in the air. To juggle the ball, gently kick it up in the air with one foot, then control it when it comes down by tapping it back up into the air. Switch feet with the ball so you can freestyle more successfully. Keep practicing your juggling skills until you are able to control the soccer ball any time you like.
  3. Work on your creativity to freestyle soccer. Use your imagination and do some crazy tricks with the ball. Kick it up in the air over your head and then do a 360 spin. Stop the ball in the air with your head, foot or knee and send it back up. Chase the ball around and juggle while you are moving. These are some simple techniques to use when you freestyle soccer.
  4. When your ball control skills start to grow, increase your freestyle tricks. Do some tricks like kicking the ball in the air then performing a handstand, backflip or simple somersault. Watch some of your friends freestyle and imitate their tricks. There is no limit to what you can do when you freestyle, and the more time you spend practicing, the more benefit you will receive when you actually play in a real soccer game. Your ball handling skills will be hard to beat if you freestyle several times a week.
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