How To Freeze Beer

Since a frozen beer can explode in your freezer, it's important to learn how to freeze beer properly. No one likes warm beer, but everyone enjoys a beer that is nice and icy cold. Cold beer just tastes better!  Learn how to freeze beer and enjoy!

To freeze beer you will need:

  • Ice
  • Salt
  • Cooler
  • Freezer
  • Bottled beer


  1. Freeze beer with salt.  The method you use to learn how to freeze beer will depend on exactly how frozen you want your beer to be. If you're looking to enjoy an ice cold beer that is slushy, but not frozen solid, you can freeze it with ice. Simply fill a cooler with ice and water and add 1 1/2 cups of salt.  Toss in your beer and in less than two minutes the beer with be frozen.
  2. Freeze beer instantly. To learn how to freeze beer instantly, you'll need to place your bottled beer in the freezer for four to five hours. This will not freeze the beer, but it will get it very cold. Remove the beer from the freezer and set it on a flat surface. You'll be able to see that the beer is still in liquid form, and it can be swished around. Now, bang the beer on a hard surface and watch as it freezes instantly. If you tip the beer over, it will not move. It's frozen solid!

The trick to learning how to freeze beer, is to use clear bottles of beer. Why?  Because clear bottles will allow you to see the stage of the liquid.  If you are learning how to freeze beer to show the trick off to your friends, the clear bottles will help achieve a more impressive show too.

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