How To Freeze Jump In Call Of Duty 4

Learning how to freeze jump in “Call of Duty 4” is a pretty cool trick. You can cruise around out of bounds and rain death upon other players. But it is also just a glitch. Plus looks kinda clunky and lame. It is one of those tricks you pull off a couple times and then you get over it. Also, unfortunately the robots at Microsoft created a patch to stop the freeze jump in “Call of Duty 4”. To pull it off these days you have to have a Xbox 360 that is either modified to stop the annoying instant updates from the corporation or you kept your Xbox 360 offline.

  1. Friends are the best. The freeze jump trick in “Call of Duty 4” requires you have a friend. Yes, you may have to leave your cave and make one because the funny thing about this freeze jump trick is you need someone to kick your ass to make the trick actually work.
  2. The set up. Now that you have a friend, have your buddy fire up a private match on “Call of Duty 4.” Have him set the options to double health, old school with no time limit and no points. Now to prepare for the freeze jump trick go the barracks and enter your clan tag with the illegal characters '@@@”. Now have your friend begin the match and when the countdown begins press 'Start'.
  3. Technique. To get the freeze jump in “Call of Duty 4” started you should get on the roof where the SAS guys appear. Now jump up and then press back. If done correctly, an error message will appear.  Now repeat the jump and press back to make the error message disappear. Repeat one more time.
  4. Never trust your friends. Now here is the fun bit to make the freeze jump in “Call of Duty 4” work. Have your pal climb up on the roof. Now have him shoot you with his pistol until he runs out of ammo. Your shocked body will recoil as it fly upwards towards nothing. Once the violence ceases, you will be able to press 'A' and start cruising around in the air.   
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