How To Front Flip On Skis

Need to know how to front flip on skis? If you keep some basic safety guidelines and tips in mind, you can learn how to perform a front flip while skiing. Make sure to practice your front flip several times in order to perfect it and gain confidence in your abilities.

  1. Find a suitable place to perform your front flip. Make sure that there is plenty of snow on the landing. Typically, the best ski jumps are the ones that provide three to four feet of air.
  2. Approach the ski jump. Make sure that there are no other skiers or snowboarders nearby that are unaware of you. As you get closer and closer to the jump, begin to lean forward slightly in preparation for your front flip.
  3. As you begin to take off, swing your arms in front of your body and then down quickly as your feet leave the ground. Bring your chin to your chest. This will not only make you more aerodynamic, but can also protect your neck in case of an accident. Swing your feet up to the sky.
  4. As you rotate, bend your knees. This will allow your body to rotate more quickly, resulting in more turns in the air. As you are rotating in the air, look down at the ground and evaluate your landing spot. Be aware that the length of your skis will slow your rotation, which can alter both your spins in the air as well as your landing spot.
  5. Finish your front flip by landing as lightly as you can with your knees bent and your arms away from your body. Keeping your arms away from your body will help you avoid being hit with your ski poles. Practice the front flip several times until you feel comfortable with it.



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