How To Frost A Beer Mug

Make game night popular at your house by learning how to frost a beer mug for your guests. Serving beer in a frosted mug gives the game experience that extra special sports bar atmosphere. And, guess what? The beer tastes even better. These simple tips will have you serving up cold brewskies in no time, and you become the popular host. All because you learned how to frost a beer mug. The simple things, eh?

To frost a beer mug, you will need:
  • Large beer mugs (glass works best)
  • Access to a freezer
  • Water and ice cubes
  • A cold bottle or can of beer
  1. Nobody likes a spotty glass. Wash the beer mug thoroughly and dry with a clean, dry hand towel. Hold the mug up to the light. You don’t want to see streaks or fiber residue from the towel. Before proceeding be sure the mug is clean and dry, and back to room temperature.  
  2. Wet the beer mug inside and out with water. Don’t dry the beer mug off, place it sopping wet, and right side up into your freezer. For optimal effect when you frost a beer mug, let it sit without opening the freezer door for an hour before using. Don’t skimp on this step, good frost comes to those who wait.  
  3. An hour has passed and your ready to serve beer in that frosty mug. Take it out of the freezer and watch that premium white frost spread. Now that you have learned to frost a beer mug, add your favorite brew and enjoy!
In a hurry to swill back a few?  Use these tips to learn how to frost a beer mug in a flash! 
  1. Wash the beer mug as explained in step one and dry thoroughly.  
  2. Fill the beer mug with a few ice cubes and some cold water, then swish around until a thin layer of frost develops.  
  3. Dump the ice water out, and put the beer mug in your freezer for five to ten minutes to set the frost.  
  4. Use immediately.  
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