How To Fully Disassemble An Iphone 3G

Are you trying to figure out how to fully disassemble an iPhone 3G? The apple iPhone 3G is a popular smart phone selling over 50 million worldwide. With popular phones come popular problems. Knowing how to fully dissemble an iPhone 3G can help when you want to fix those recurring problems. 

The items you will need:

  • Needle or paper clip
  • Micro Phillip screwdriver
  • Case opener 
  • Cup
  1. Turn your iPhone 3G off. Use a needle or an paper clip and insert it at the hole located at the top of the phone to remove the sim tray. 
  2. Remove two screws located at the bottom of the iPhone 3G. Use a micro Phillip screwdriver to remove the two screws. 
  3. Use the case opener tool to wedge it between all the sides of the LCD screen of the iPhone 3G. The case will begin to loosen so use your fingers to carefully lift the back case. 
  4. The case is being held in place by three ribbon cables. Lift all of them by using the case opener tool. 
  5. Remove the LCD screen from the touch panel by removing three screws on side, two screws on the other side and one located at the top of the silver frame. Use the case opener tool to lift the silver frame exposing the LCD screen and digitizer. 
  6. Where the motherboard and battery are located on the back piece, use a flat head screwdriver to lift the ribbon cables. You have to carefully do this without breaking the ribbon cables.
  7. Remove the seven screws by using the micro Phillip screwdriver. There will be one screw that is hidden underneath a label, simply lift the label to expose that screw.
  8. Use the case opener tool to carefully lift the silver frame. There is another ribbon cable underneath the silver frame. Use the case opener tool to lift the black tab to remove the silver frame.
  9. The case opener tool will be used to lift the battery. It will be held in place by tape at the bottom so it will take some force to lift up the battery. Now you have learned to fully disassemble an iPhone 3G. 



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