How To Gain Bass Drum Speed

Do you wish to learn how to gain bass drum speed? If you want to play double bass with the metal pros or you just want to have quick fill-ins on your kick drum with your double bass pedal, you need to start out slow. You can gain bass drum pedal speed with patience and practice.

If you want to gain bass drum speed, do the following:

  1. Play a slow, steady beat with both feet. Don't worry about getting off rhythm when you are starting out, By going slowly, you are training your feet the rhythm of a steady bass drum beat.
  2. Play along to a slow song. Play your drums as you usually would along with the song. Try to throw in a few double bass kicks in for fills. At slower speeds, your feet will recognize what they learned in your practicing at slow speeds.
  3. Turn off the music and pick up the speed. Now try to play your double-kick faster, keeping a steady rhythm. With all the practice you have already done, this should come more naturally.
  4. Back to turning on some music. This time, pick a song you want to match speed with. Don't worry if you don't hit everything right. Keep playing through the song or songs you chose. Learn them like you would be performing them for an audience.
  5. Practice every day. By running through these steps, you will become more coordinated and your feet will learn what you are telling them to do. In no time, you will be able to play your bass drum at the speed you desire.



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