How To Gain Gas Mileage In 2007 Ford Fusion

You can learn how to gain gas mileage in your 2007 Ford Fusion by following a few easy steps.  Increasing your gas mileage will not only save money, but decrease wear & tear on your 2007 Ford Fusion.

  1. Remove any unnecessary racks.  Keeping luggage racks on the vehicle will increase the aerodynamic drag on your Ford Fusion.  Aerodynamic drag will cause your car to work much harder, subsequently affecting your mileage. 
  2. Check your tire pressure.  Your tires will lose air over time, which results in decreased fuel economy.  Losing tire from your wheels is a normal situation.  In the winter time, your tires will be even softer as cold air will cause air molecules to compress together.  Keeping on top of maintenance items such as air pressure will also save you money, but decreasing chances of irregular tire wear.
  3. Avoid fast food drive through windows.  Drive through windows are notorious for wasting gas on your 2007 Ford Fusion.  Park and walk inside to order your food.
  4. Close the sunroof.  Using your AC on hot days will conserve more energy than driving with the sunroof open.  This is especially true on the highway, as drag plays a larger role when the speed of your Fusion increases.
  5. Roll up your windows.  Keeping the windows open will cause your Ford engine to work much harder.  Closing your windows will keep your car performing at aerodynamic optimums. 
  6. Listen to relaxing music.  Listening to high tempo music can often encourage someone to drive faster than they normally would.  Try listening to classical music, and you will be more likely to drive at the speed limit.  By driving at the speed limit, you will reduce the amount of fuel usage caused by speeding.

Following these tips can greatly increase your fuel economy of the life of your 2007 Ford Fusion vehicle.  Over the lifetime of the vehicle, this can result in thousands of dollars of gas savings.

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