How To Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism

To some people the ability to keep trim is a blessing, but to others trying to learn how to gain weight with a fast metabolism can seem like a bad curse. You don't want to be the skinny dude forever. You want bulk and muscle. You want to be the guy who can answer the door and make a salesman shrink from his pitch or prevent that guy from ever wanting to cut you off again just by looking at you glare at him from the next stop light. You want to look better in clothes and not be hard to see when looked at from the side. Try this five step technique to gaining weight with a fast metabolism.

  1. Take in More Calories: It takes about 2500 unspent calories to gain one pound. Look online and find out the recommended calorie intake for your size and activity level and make sure that you are not using more than you eat. Make an effort to eat at least 500 calories in addition to that daily to put that high metabolism in check and put on some weight.
  2. Workout with the Idea of Putting Weight On in Mind: Lift heavy weight and lower the amount of repetitions your doing. This helps increase strength and promote the growth muscle. If you do cardio regularly, start to cut back or cut it out totally for a time. Eat high protein snacks directly after working out in order to further feed the muscle and promote its growth. You can have a runner's body or a body builder's body but you can't have both! Gaining bulk with a high metabolism will be a challenge at first but eventually your body will convert to what you are doing to it.
  3. Eat Healthy: Healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks are still imperative even if you are trying to gain weight. Nutritional foods are essential to providing the vitamins and nutrients for building muscle and bulk as well as staying healthy. Sure, your metabolism is high and you're trying to put on weight, but cheesy puffs and Ho-Ho's just isn't the smart or healthy way to go.
  4. Eat Often To Maintain the Calorie Levels: Having a high metabolism means that your body burns through the food you put into it like paper in a furnace. Once there is no more food to burn, the body looks to the stores of what little fat you already have for energy and then starts to burn muscle. Make sure there is always something in the stomach like proteins and carbs for your body to use as energy to put some meat on those bones and gain weight.
  5. Give it Time to Happen, Hero!: At the recommendation of taking in an extra 500 calories a day than you actually bur,n it will take about a week to gain one pound and a month to put on four to five pounds. Be patient. Don't overindulge or you could get sick or injured. If you are really motivated to gain weight with that high metabolism, then stop into a nutrition store and purchase some mass builder or weight gainer.
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