How Is Gardasil Used For Boys?

Many want to know how is Gardasil used for boys after the Food and Drug Authority, supported by gynecologists and pediatricians, approved Gardasil as protective measure against genital lesions in boys. Gardasil is a vaccine given to prevent HPV-related cervical cancer in women and now found to be effective in preventing genital warts in boys.

  1. Gardasil is used for boys as prevention method against the spread of HPV. The main objectives of using Gardasil for boys is to reduce the transmission of HPV since there is currently no effective screening measure to detect HPV among males in its early stage, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  2. Gardasil is not used for treatment of genital warts in boys. The use of Gardasil is mainly for prevention against acquiring genital warts. It cannot treat warts that are already present. However, even if boys have acquired some form of genital warts they could still take Gardasil vaccine to protect themselves against other forms of genital warts.
  3. Boys from age nine to 26 can get a shot of Gardasil vaccine. The shot is given in the arm muscle, usually in three doses. The second dose commences two months after the first dose and the third shot is scheduled six months after the first dose. Completing the three shots of Gardasil is important for maximizing the effectiveness in boys.
  4. Gardasil for boys may result to some side effects. The most common are nausea, fever, headache, vomiting, fainting, and dizziness. Itching, swelling, bruising and pain on the injection site are also common.



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