How To Garnish Food

Knowing how to garnish food will make it special. Wow your family and friends with some simple techniques and foods you probably already have in your refrigerator. Garnish food just before serving for best results.

  1. Herbs. One of the simplest and most pleasing ways to garnish a plate is with herbs. Use fresh herbs that are the same as the ones used in the dish. Whole leaves on the stem are usually the nicest way to garnish food.
  2. Bacon curls. Bacon makes everything better. To make bacon curl cut a piece of bacon into three sections. Roll them up and place each curl on a toothpick. Bake in the preheat 400-degree oven for 15 minutes. A tasty garnish for salads or soup.
  3. Butter shapes. Make butter in any shape by softening the butter, placing it in a plastic candy mold and firming it up in the refrigerator. Place on a plate next to the bread.
  4. Green onion curls. Trim the root off of the green onion and cut into about a 3-inch segment including some of the green part. Slice the green end of the onion into small strips down about 1 ½ inches making a tassel-like shape.  Celery can be done in the same way. Put in ice water for a minute to let the end curl. Use this on a plate of raw vegetables or to garnish a main dish of food.
  5. Whipped cream cheese piping. Place whipped cream cheese in a re-sealable bag and cut off one corner.  Pipe the cream cheese over a cracker or a vegetable slice for an attractive garnish.
  6. Strawberry fans. Garnish food with these fans, ranging from salads to desserts. Simply cut thin slices of strawberry with the green hull attached, not cutting all the way through the top of the berry. Then fan out the slices on a plate as a garnish.
  7. Citrus knots. Slice the peel from a piece of citrus fruit with a vegetable peeler and then slice into thin strips. Tie each strip into a knot. This garnish would work well on top of a key lime or lemon mousse pie.
  8. Scored slices.  With the tip of a grapefruit spoon cut a shallow groove from one end to the other. Repeat about ¼-inch apart around the lemon. Slice into thin slices. This scalloped slice can garnish any dish with lemon as an ingredient. Do the same technique with a cucumber using a fork to make stripes and then cut into slices. This garnish dresses up a salad.
  9. Chocolate curls. This is one of the easiest dessert garnishes. Take a block of chocolate and shave off curls by running a vegetable peeler across the length of the chocolate. They don’t have to be uniform in size.
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