How To Get 360 Waves

360 waves is a popular hair style worn by African American men, and you can learn how to get 360 waves in your hair. 360 waves make the hair look like actual waves on a man’s head. It is a very short hairstyle, but it looks awesome. There are actually many different ways to get the 360 waves, but some are harder to obtain. We like to stick to the tried and true methods.

You will need:

  • Doo-rag
  • Some pomade
  • Hot water
  • Towel
  • Firm bristle brush
  1. Make sure the hair is only one to one and a half inches long when you start the process of getting 360 waves. If your hair is too short or too long, the waves will not take.
  2. Once you have your hair at the perfect length, you will need to be working with nice clean hair. Make sure to use a shampoo with moisturizers in it. After your hair is clean, let it air dry.
  3. Put about a quarter to silver dollar sized amount of pomade into your hand and massage it through the hair. Make sure the hair is saturated with the pomade.
  4. Run a towel under hot water until it is saturated. Then wring it out until there is no more water dripping off of the towel. Place the towel over your hair for about two minutes while applying pressure to melt the pomade.
  5. Starting at the crown area, begin brushing the hair in the direction that the hair grows. Make sure to brush your whole head evenly.
  6. Tie the doo-rag onto your head. This is best done before you go to bed. Make sure that you do not brush your hair after you remove the doo-rag.
  7. These steps will need to be completed at least twice per day. It does take some time for the waves to show up. Also try to avoid washing the hair, as it will loosen the waves. Also wait at least three weeks before getting a haircut. Repeating this process should give you great looking 360 waves.
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