How To Get ’80s Glam Rock Hair

Are you searching and searching how to get that 80's glam rock hair style? Anyone who grew up in the 80's will never forget the "Glam Rock" hairstyles that were seen everywhere. Commercials, rock bands, and just your everyday people sporting the look of the 80's. Now in 2010, that look is slowly making it's way back into many households. Problem is, most have no clue how to accomplish the Glam look at all.

Now you can, here are the steps to follow to get your own glam rock hairstyle. 

  1. Buy a can of extra hold hair spray. Aqua Net was one of the most used hair sprays in the 80's to get the glam hair look. It can still be used and is still just as cheap as it was then. 
  2. Be sure to have a rat tail comb readily available for teasing your hair. 
  3. Wash your hair before beginning to achieve the glam hair look. 
  4. With your head upside down, begin to blow dry your hair. 
  5. Once your hair is 1/2 dry, spray all of your hair with the extra hold hair spray. 
  6. Continue to dry your hair in the upside down position until it is completely dry. 
  7. Once it is completely dry, bring that rat tail comb out and begin to tease your hair, only a small portion at a time.
  8. Hold you hair straight up, bring the comb to the tip of the hair and bring it down, moving your hand up and down as you do this. This will begin to make your hair look as if you stuck your finger in a light socket. 
  9. Once you have tackled one strand of hair, break out the hair spray and spray it until it is stiff. Continue the process until it is all up in the air and all ratty looking. 
  10. Once you have finished your entire head of hair, hair spray it until you've probably used 1/2 can of hair spray. You know you will have successfully time traveled back to the 80's when all of your hair is standing on end and you can walk outside without it moving. 

That is it! You have now learned the technique to getting the 80's glam look hair style. Now you have to master the make-up, but that's a whole other article. 

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