How To Get Allen Iverson Cornrows

The whole process of how to get Allen Iverson cornrows takes a lot of time. You can't just wake up one day and say "I want Allen Iverson's cornrows". It's just not that easy, especially if at this moment, you have short hair.  You've got at least a six month waiting period for your hair to be in the proper condition to get cornrows similar to Allen Iverson's 'do. Don't think you can sit there for six months just letting your hair grow. You have to take care of that spreading forest of follicles on top of your head. Then, after your hair gets long enough you've got to find someone that can braid your hair in an Allen Iverson-like cornrow style. Or you can attempt to do it yourself, which is incredibly difficult. Well, here's how to get your head ready to have cornrows like Allen Iverson.

  1. Let your hair grow… and grow. You've seen Allen Iverson's cornrows. Those things are long. Do you have any idea how long the guy's hair has to be in order for him to get those cornrows? If he was to take those cornrows down, his hair would at least be a foot long, if not longer. You have to understand that cornrows are nothing more than a series of twisted up hair held in place with more and more hair. So, your hair's got to be pretty freaking long to get cornrows. So expect to let your hair grow anywhere from four to six months just to get it long enough to braid.
  2. Taking care of your hair. It's like a part time job. You'll have to do daily maintenance with your hair. The longer it gets, the more attention you'll have to give it. Get yourself a good comb or pick. You can't allow your hair to get too tangled. You'll spend hours a week picking out your hair keeping it from getting matted and tangled. You'll also have to wash your hair to the scalp every two to three days.
  3. The braiding. You'd be better of getting one of your female friends to braid your hair up in an Allen Iverson cornrow style. If you've never braided hair before, it's going to be a real pain in the ass. It'll be even worse since you want to style your hair like Allen Iverson. Have you seen some of those designs? Whoever does his hair is a creative genius. It would be in your best interest to simply find a female friend of yours to do it for you.
  4. For the do-it-yourself-ers. Here's how to do the most simple cornrow style Allen Iverson has ever worn. And you've been warned. It isn't easy. You need to use your comb to separate your hair in order to braid it. Start out on the top of your head. You want to grab three thick groupings of hair. You have to criss-cross the three sections of hair into a rope and interlock them with more hair as you twist from the front of your head to the back. The first cornrow on the top is noticeably thicker than the rest of the ones on the side. So, after you've painstakingly finished with that first row, have at the rest of them. Yeah, it's really difficult. If you get fed up, please see tip number three.
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