How To Get Into Amateur Cage Fighting

If you are interested in finding out how to get into amateur cage fighting, you will first need to make sure you are up to the challenge. Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters put in many long hours of training before they try cage fighting. You will need to develop the necessary grappling and striking skills, as well as improve your strength and fitness. Try to take some lessons if you are able, which will greatly accelerate your learning curve. When you think you are ready to get into amateur cage fighting, set up a match with an opponent who also is new to the sport, so you stand a better chance of winning.

To get into amateur cage fighting, you will need:

  • MMA gear
  • MMA lessons
  • Weights or a gym membership
  1. Hit the gym to develop some strength and speed. Work out with weights and run on a treadmill to improve your fitness. The stronger and more fit you are, the more damage you can inflict on your opponent once you get into amateur cage fighting. Building up muscle armor will also help you absorb more punishment from an opponent.
  2. Find an MMA school so you can learn from experienced cage fighters. The membership fee may be expensive, but the knowledge that you will gain will more than pay off when you get into amateur cage fighting. Buy the necessary MMA gear including gloves, headgear and a mouthpiece, then join a beginner’s class and work your way up through the ranks. Watch how the experienced fighters train, and eventually you will start to see your skills improve.
  3. Work out on a heavy bag and speed bag often. Hitting the heavy bag will help you improve your punching power and striking technique. The speed bag improves your hand-eye coordination and hand speed, which will make you more dangerous when you get into amateur cage fighting.
  4. Try a practice cage match. Work with someone from your MMA school and try your hand in the cage. Wear protective gear since you are only sparring. Work on your moves and strikes, and get used to being inside of the cage before you try to get into amateur cage fighting for real.
  5. Ask your MMA instructor if he thinks you are ready for a real match. Once the instructor agrees you are prepared, see if you can set up a match. Train yourself mentally and physically, so when you get into amateur cage fighting against your opponent you will be ready to compete with no excuses.
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