How To Get Around Blocked Sites

Learning how to get around blocked sites is easy, and you will be able too seconds after reading this article. If you've been restricted or booted from a website, you can still get into or around it without even leaving a footprint. Let's face it, there are going to be times when you will have to be anonymous while online.

To get around any blocked website like a thief in the night, you will need.

  • A PC (Personal Computer).
  • Internet Access.
  1. Use an anonymous web proxy. This is the fastest and easiest way to get into websites when the IPaddress from your internet provider has been restricted or blocked. Proxy websites will temporarily change your IPaddress and allow your access. There are a couple of downsides to using web proxies, one is  they too may be blocked, but there are plenty to choose from and some of them will work for you. Another downside to using web proxies to get around blocked websites is you will have to go back to the proxy site each time you want browse a different web page. All you have to do is search proxy websites and find one that works for you.
  2. Use an anonymous HTTP proxy. This is a less reliable method of getting around blocked sites. Anonymous HTTP proxies are hosted by third parties which may be down or have low bandwidth. But HTTP web proxies are great for accessing several websites at once. This method of getting around blocked sites will also allow you to bypass using a web proxy's interface. All you have to do is search proxy servers to begin. HTTP proxies are listed in the form of <ip-address>:<port> <ip-address> is the host of the server, you will want to connect to <port>.
  3. Set-up your very own proxy server. This method is for the adventurers out there and is the most secure and reliable way to get around blocked sites. All you have to do is install a web proxy such as a php proxy and set it up on your own website. You can also run a server daemon on the operating system of your choice. Windows, Linux, Mac and OSX users have the option of setting up the best HTTP proxy out there, Squid. Squid is very easy to set up, you can also try the open-source web proxy Privoxy which supports several platforms. Now you can smile while you get around those wannabe blocked sites.
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