How To Get Around A CD Key On Warcraft 3

If you need to know how to get around a "Warcraft 3" CD key, you probably have perfectly valid and legal reasons for doing so. Some people lose their CD cases and actually do own a legitimate copy of the game. If a person wants to play through the campaign mode without buying the CD again, there are several things you can do.

Things You Will Need To Get Around a" Warcraft 3" CD Key:

  • An Internet Connection

Method One:

  1. Find a Crack That Removes The CD Key Requirement. As always, scan the crack to make sure it does not contain viruses or spy ware. Run the crack or replace the file it requires.
  2. Start the Game. See if the crack you applied works in the manner you expect it to. Using the method outlined below is less risky to your computer.

Method Two:

  1. Visit Your Favorite Search Engine Site. Type in "Warcraft 3" CD keys. Blizzard does not encourage this behavior, but they tend to ignore it for games the company does not currently sell. Unfortunately, Warcraft 3 still sells well.
  2. Copy Or Print Out The CD Keys. You will use these CD keys when prompted by "Warcraft 3" to enter the code. The prompt comes before the installation completes.
  3. Install the Program. Enter one of the CD keys you have when prompted. Hit OK and see if the program accepts the key. Double check to make sure you entered the numbers correctly. If the key does not work for" Warcraft 3", try a different one.
  4. Do Not Log Onto With This Key. keys must be unique. If you did not buy an original copy, you will not be able to log onto the multi-player games. This is true for "Diablo", "Diablo 2", "Warcraft 2", "Warcraft 3", and "Starcraft" and "Starcraft 2."
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