How To Get Into An Audi Touring Car Championship

Learn how to get into an Audi touring car championship. If you've ever been interested in a practical racing career, touring car racing is the way to go. Touring car racing, like any other competitive sport, requires funding, determination and talent. Setting your sights on the Audi touring car championship can seem like a dream, but it's entirely possible if you follow these tips.

To get into an Audi touring car championship, you will need:

  • Education
  • Funding
  • Experience
  • Networking
  • Sponsor
  • Audi touring car
  1. Further your education. To be able to drive a touring car professionally you need funding. Most people aren't willing to just hand you money. You've got to start with a career so that you can save money and invest in yourself.
  2. Practice racing. Learn the tricks of the trade by racing locally at circuits and drag strips. This helps you understand the dynamics of racing and how to handle situation.
  3. Network with other racers. Join professional or nationally recognized car clubs and groups for racers. Get to know other people and ask them how they made their way to the touring car championships.
  4. Serve on a pit crew for other racers in an Audi touring car championship. Don't be afraid to start at the bottom. This is where you can learn every aspect of racing, even what the pit crew goes through and it will make you into a better racer.
  5. Seek sponsorships from vendors that support Audi touring car racing. Write professional letters telling your sponsor that you compete in local events and show the sponsor your history of winning without financial backing–and how it can improve with financial backing, improving the sponsor's image.
  6. Purchase an Audi vehicle that you can modify into a touring car. Touring cars are fast. This requires that you make the car lighter (removing components that qualify the car as "street legal"), increase the horsepower and handling.



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