How To Get Auditions For Christian Films

Are you a Christian actor who wants to know how to get auditions for Christian films? Consider the audition listings at This website features a good selection of listings for a broad range of auditions, including movies, stage, and voice-overs. Listings cover a wide geographic area, as well—from London to Chicago to Austin. If you want to reach a wide audience or if you’re simply looking for auditions in your area, check out this website. 

  1. Start your search for auditions. Visit the website. 
  2. Create an account. Study the site’s menu header. Locate the "Resumes" tab and select "Create an Account." The site’s resume database is a free listing service, so there is no fee, but keep in mind that this is not an agency and it does not guarantee casting or hiring.
  3. Read the statement of faith. serves actors and actresses who share the Christian faith. You are not required to agree with the Statement of Faith, but you are expected to understand the view from which the service operates.
  4. Complete the web form. Enter your name and email address. Create a username and password for your account. Follow the instructions to add your resume to the database.
  5. Search for auditions. Locate the "Postings" tab and select "Auditions." Several audition listings will appear for Christian films and roles. View the listings. Each one contains a job description detailing the project type, roles, production title, audition dates, locations and other relevant information.
  6. Submit your resume. Beneath each description is a button that reads, "Click to send your myResume listing." When you find an audition that interests you, click on this button. Log in to your "Resume Account" to send your resume.


  • features other helpful links for Christian actors and actresses. These include acting advice, Christian artistic resources, book lists and musings on the subjects of theater, art and faith.
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